Hong Kong-born mime actor Gaffer Tsui: Leave it or Love it

In 2017, Tsui and Michael created 24hr Restricted Area – a lamentation over social dissatisfaction with a trial run in a San Po Kong dance studio. “People are pretty hung up about Hong Kong’s current affairs. Without a theatre or director, we just wanted to get things off our chests.” The trial run ended after two shows to a very small audience. Then the mime duo found out on the internet about the 42nd Festival of monodrama and mime in Serbia. With 24hr Restricted Area under their belts, they enrolled and came out tops among 64 international mime teams, becoming one of the four finalists and subsequently taking home the Best Mime Award. As Asia’s first ever Best Mime winner, Tsui and Michael quite naturally became a Hong Kong’s pride for a time. “The award does not make me feel like I was some big shot. It makes me a more confident mime actor and leads me to think about promoting mime development in Hong Kong.”