Joshua Wong Actions Speak Louder in 2020

His humility and introspection may have something to do with the massive social movement in 2019.  But such qualities would appear insignificant when put into perspective. “The consequence I bore was not as hefty as those of the others. I served the shortest jail terms but received the most attention from both local and international communities. The attention and support I have received were never in the right proportion. This is why I have always emphasised the importance of team contribution.”

“I may not be able to change this inequality. I cannot avoid getting arrested. But, since I am comparatively safe I must take advantage of my situation and make others’ contribution more worthwhile.”

Tiffany Yeung I do what I can however insignificant I am

Tea Hub Tiffany Yeung

Tea Hub is an exciting newcomer. “My husband grew up in the neighbourhood. Over the course of our decade-long relationship before marriage, we met here often because of the agreeable old-town atmosphere. We used to hang out in Chinese tea houses in So Uk.  We even took wedding photos in Shun Ning Road.” She noted that old shops peppered across the entire stretch of Cheung Sha Wan. You will find an old-school record shop here and an alleyway barbershop there. It may sound like a complicated neighbourhood but it is at the same time evolving on its uniqueness of having the best of both the old and new.

Jacky Yu : The best way to safeguard history is to study history

Today’s news, tomorrow’s history. Recently, we took part in an important Hong Kong history.  But, will the enthusiastic find truth in history?  Website founder Jacky Yu believes: “Social movements such as rallies and protests are necessary but an influence on cultural ideologies can exert a lasting impact. Totalitarian powers destroy history. The best way to safeguard history is to study history. Historical events teach us how to negotiate the past and the present and learn how to live today and face the future.”