Andy Ng Wai-shek: You are your only objet d’art

Seasoned theatre actor, director and drama coach Andy Ng Wai-shek has just been named a Director of the Year from the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong)’s IATC(HK) Critics Awards. He says, “The one thing that can ever influence you is but yourself. One must live a life and have the drive to pursue meaning because you are your only objet d’art.”

TOMA Miniatures Rekindling the city’s best memories

Tony has always said that the older he gets the fonder he is of Hong Kong.  “Things in the past are slowly vanishing.  It is a pity.  I hope to contribute my old memories and help bring them back to life.”  Maggie said that micro-scale modelling is not a lucrative business.  “It is a hobby for life.  To me, this hobby carries great significance.”